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Your roofline is one of the most important sections of your home to keep in good condition, as a failing roof-line can cause leaks and other unwanted consequences to your home. A Roofline in good condition will help keep water away from your home and protects it from the elements. Castle Windows can advise on any problems you may be experiencing with your roofline and help with the best course of action to resolve your problems.

Castle Windows roofline systems are tested for durability, we supply and install watertight seals to prevent leaks, fascias to protect the end of your roof rafters, ventilated systems to protect your roof from water, soffits and cladding to protect your home from the elements, and guttering that offers protection from the heaviest of weather conditions.

Whether you have a problem or are looking for help and advice, Castle Windows roof-line system can help.

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We also supply and install downpipes, gutter guards, bargeboards and cladding to not only make your roof watertight and able to cope with bad weather conditions but for it's strong aesthetic appearance.

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Fascias are the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof, fixed directly to the roof trusses. They support the bottom row of roof tiles and carry the guttering and can be fitted as over-clad or full replacement. 

Our U-PVC fascia boards are maintenance free and of course they will not rot, warp or crack. We will of course advise you on the most cost-effective solution for your home.

We supply and install this neat, clean, high quality range of U-PVC fascia boards, enabling you to replace degraded timber fascias and use coloured boards to co-ordinate with your existing window and door systems.


Soffits lie underneath the fascias giving them great support. They also serve a vital function of providing ventilation to the roofs of centrally heated homes. Without adequate ventilation condensation would form in the roof void increasing the risk of timber decay.

As with fascias our soffits are virtually maintenance free and also carry a manufacturers full warranty against discoloration, warping or cracking. 

Our upvc flat or grooved soffit can be fitted as required, available in an array of colours to co-ordinate with your existing windows and door systems.


The barge boards are fastened to the projecting gables of a roof to give them strength and to mask, hide and protect the otherwise exposed end of the horizontal timbers or purlins of the roof to which they were attached.Barge boards are usually pretty inaccessible and difficult to maintain. 

At Castle Windows – once fitted correctly and completely sealed - your bargeboards become maintenance free with a full manufacturers product warranty.Quite often the whole character of your property can be spoilt by fitting standard white boards. 

At Castle Windows we offer the right boards for the job. We have a selection of different profiles and edges as well as a range of colours to complement the style and age of your property.

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guttering & downpipes

Like Fascias and Soffits your existing Guttering and Downpipes can, over time deteriorate leaving your home looking old, worn and tatty. If this is the case then give Castle Windows a call. We offer a Guttering and Downpipe replacement service that includes:

• Supplying and fitting new guttering and downpipes.
• Removal of your existing guttering, etc, in a safe and controlled manner.
• Ensuring that only the correct materials are used.
• Offering you a choice of colours and styles.
All of our work is fully guaranteed, giving you full peace of mind.
We offer a full service from start to finish, we even take away the old products leaving you with minimal hassle and a house that looks great!

All the products we use are all made from high quality U-PVC, which conforms to all British standards and are guaranteed not to rot, warp, split, twist or discolour so you are left with a long term solution that will need little maintenance. Don’t let your home down by something so small that can make such a huge difference.


Cellular U-PVC cladding provides a strong, durable and attractive finish to your home and has significantly better thermal properties than wood, particularly when combined with insulation. At Castle Windows our cladding looks just like freshly painted wood work - and maintains that look with a full manufacturers product warranty.

If you’re considering cladding, don’t just think about horizontal lines. In most cases cladding can be set diagonally to form diamond, herringbone or pyramid shapes. Our white upvc cladding is available In various different finishes of shiplap, feather edge, tongue and groove and open vee.

At Castle Windows our U-PVC cladding is also available in a range of different colours to complement the style and age of your property.

Roof Trim

  • U-PVC fascia boards are maintenance free and will not rot, warp or crack

  • Supply and install a high quality range of U-PVC fascia boards

  • Our soffits are virtually maintenance free and also carry a manufacturers full warranty against discoloration, warping or cracking

  • Wide selection of different board profiles and edges as well as a range of colours to complement the style and age of your property

ce marking

Castle Windows comply with CE Marking requirements inline with the Construction Products Regulation. Most external windows will need CE Marking and it’s the responsibly of installer to comply.