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Old Polycarbonate Conservatory Conversion

Is there anything quite as delightful as witnessing a remarkable transformation? At Castle Windows Walsall, we recently had the privilege of bringing a homeowner's vision to life by turning their old, drafty polycarbonate conservatory into a warm, inviting tiled roof room that can be enjoyed all year round. 

The Challenge: A Neglected Conservatory

Our client had a conservatory that had seen better days. The old polycarbonate roof, while once trendy, had lost its appeal. The existing conservatory was either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, rendering it nearly unusable for most of the year.

The Transformation: A Room for All Seasons

We knew that a complete overhaul was necessary to turn this underutilised space into a true extension. We replaced the ageing polycarbonate roof with a high-quality tiled roof that offers outstanding thermal insulation. This simple yet transformative change made an immediate impact on the conservatory's comfort and functionality.

The tiled roof not only regulates temperature but also reduces glare and noise, making it a serene and cosy space throughout the year. To enhance the aesthetics, we designed the room with large, energy-efficient windows and doors that maximise natural light and offer stunning views of the garden.

The Result: A Year-Round Oasis

The outcome of this transformation left both our team and the homeowners delighted. Their once-neglected conservatory has become a year-round oasis where they can unwind, entertain guests, and even pursue their hobbies, no matter the season. The room is now an integral part of their home, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor living.

The tiled roof room has significantly improved the property's energy efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs. 


If you're looking to transform your conservatory into a versatile, comfortable living space, we're here to help. At Castle Windows Walsall, we're passionate about creating spaces that make dreams come true. Contact us today, and let's discuss how we can turn your conservatory into a year-round oasis, just like we did here. Your home's incredible transformation is waiting to happen, and we're ready to bring it to life.


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